Icebergs, Natures Force

Iceberg Water Sea Mirroring Nature Solar B


Behemoth of a character’s force, the glaciers rule all weather fluctuations since ground was born. Today we have numerous reports by acclaimed climate activists which talk of facts, only brisking our fears. But, how much has anyone reached to transcend the extreme obstacles of climate and bring out a set of information which can do wonders in saving environment? Global awareness on climate is climbing but slowing on account of attempts that could pull us out of increasing greenhouse emissions, by us people.

My basic understanding of psychology says that us, fickle people tend to believe alongside anything that is dawned upon us with anxiety. That’s what technology cum globalization has done to us.

Alaska, Greenland and Iceland were the three chosen destinations. Mind-wrenching technology of time-lapse photography like that could just set the tongues wagging. . White was never this serene, and blue couldn’t get any deeper; he was literally chasing it. The shots were magnificent for photographers; horribly alarming for global population living on planet earth. After all, the public should learn what effects it has on climate.

Having said that, the facts deduced from this trove of climatic data on colossal glaciers range from rudimentary to intense nuances: its effects on sea level rising. Global warming, despite continuous, deliberate mentions at all levels of human existence is still like an alarm on snooze. It’s time to take our vision and mission up a notch where each individual works his bit to reduce his potential contributions in pollution. I see no rhyme or reason in weather and government agencies policing campaigns. There is something more, like Chasing Ice taught usan untenable will to fulfill your dream and what an ideal human on earth should do to save our home. Save it for the future.

We are on the verge of carbon emission-wise breakdown that is certain to gravitate to our existing generation less than in a century. Whiners or wieners- if still on the fence do not have any option- but to take healthy steps towards environment themselves and make others also strike the same.

All I wish to convey is that the world needs people like James Balog who understand that our only home, planet earth is a duty of those. Well, in case you haven’t, you must frequent his discussions and reports for an insight into alarming facts of glacier melt downs and of course, watch the award-winning documentary Chasing Ice.

There has always been something about Bexar County Wildlife Removal. It gives me chills even today whenever I remember the visuals of depletion. It moved memade me ponder of both magnificence and near-death of ice at poles: the climate control area of earth.

We’ve got a lot to see and read, mourn and do nothing about it. But that’s not how one is supposed to react to this set of data. A bit more responsibility and activity; a little less whining. If it can hit me in an era of streamings and unreasonable content that floods the internet, it can, it’s to hot everyone shortly. I am ready to do more of my bit. I hope the same from you.

This report serves an insight into what is going on around the globe when it comes to climate. Though an intermediary to introduce you to one of the pioneering climate activists and my inspiration, James Balog, it is meant to expand the vision of all young and potent towards climate change.

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