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Raccoons live just about anywhere, from California all the way to the East Coast. These animals cause numerous problems not just to individuals, but to the environment also. They reside in hollow logs, under porches, attics and have even been found living In garages and in farm machines. Usually in winter, Animal Control gets a lot of calls for Raccoons in people’s homes. (Largely being found in attics). Animal control will hopefully find these creatures and safely remove them far from your residence. Once removed and published the Raccoon was known to find their way back to its”home”. That’s why Animal Control has been proven to release them far enough away so they cannot return. Raccoons are extremely curious. They get into trash cans, can turn on water spickets, and can even open doors. These animals are Nocturnal. (Sleeping daily, and awake at night.) While you’re sleeping, they are out getting into virtually everything. These creatures are known for completely tearing up lawns in search for grub worms. This is a favorite item on its menu. Just one Raccoon can ruin an entire lawn in one night.

Another important part of these animals is they carry diseases. A very common one: Rabies, once infected this animal can be extremely aggressive, foam at the mouth and look very unpleasant. The Raccoons feces (poop) can carry what is called Roundworm, (Baylisascaris procyonis) which if touched by a human can be occasionally deadly. Some instances have contributed to death. Climbing is a significant part or a raccoon’s lifestyle, their feet and tail were perfectly designed for that purpose. The tail used for balancing and the feet made for clinging and hanging. Raccoons can climb up and down, left and right, forward and also climb down backward! A Raccoon in the wild can live anywhere from 5-12 years in the wild, andin captivity around 20 years! Their weight runs anywhere from 12-20 lbs, the biggest on record was 60lbs! These fuzzy critters can teach us so much, not just about them, but how we as people can care for them and their surroundings. More at¬†Palm Springs Rat Removal.

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