Feeding the kids in the summer

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The long, lazy days of summer will be the perfect time for New York City Opossum Removal to enjoy everything yummy from crispy garden-fresh veggies and fruits to juicy burgers fresh off the grill and sinfully rich and chocolaty ice cream sundaes. All that running, playing, biking and swimming, whether at summer camp or just around the neighborhood, has youngsters working up a hearty appetite. Have some fun whipping up tasty and healthy (usually) foods and snacks to keep your family energized throughout their favourite time of year.


What would summer be without luscious burgers fresh off the grill? Sneak in some nice fresh tomato slices and crisp lettuce along with a whole wheat bun to up the healthy factor in this hot weather preferred.

Grilled Flatbread Pizza

Grills are not just for hamburgers and hot dogs.

Hot dogs are just plain excellent, especially piled high with all the fixings. OK, so maybe ketchup is not really a vegetable, but you can always set this summer favorite with a crispy salad or yummy fruit smoothie to up the nutritional factor. Eat’em at the beach, at the ball game, anyplace you’re having summer fun.

Burrito Bonanza

Beloved burritos would be the perfect summer meal. Kids love them, and it’s easy to cook up a big pot of beans and taco meat, add some shredded cheese and wrap up the entire delicious mess in a burrito roll to pop in the freezer for a quick and easy meal.

Veggies and Dip

What makes vegetables irresistible to kids? Pile up a vibrant batch of colorful broccoli, carrots, sugar snap peas and sliced squash and watch it vanish before your very eyes.

Crispy Cole Slaw

A picnic staple, coleslaw is also a favorite of a lot of kids. Experiment by adding different grated veggies and additives to see which most tickles your household’s fancy.

Cool Kabobs

There is something about piling up barbecued chicken, steak and all sorts of veggie chunks on a skewer that gets kids all excited. It’s kind of like roughing it, only in the back yard, and the grill makes everything just taste so much better.

Cold Sesame Noodles

In summer, there is a certain allure to getting a nutritious dinner that children love all ready to go in the refrigerator.

Glorious Grinders

Not only do kids love’em, but they are easy to pack for a picnic, for lunch at camp or to take along to the shore. You can choose traditional meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato fillings or get creative and health-conscious by adding spinach, peppers or avocado.


Take it along to the beach, pack it for a bite at summer camp or bring it to munch on at an outdoor move or concert.

Summer is ideal for slipping some fresh strawberries, blueberries or peaches into morning favorites like pancakes and waffles.

Super Slushies

Summer and slushies go together like hot dogs and burgers. Whip up your own with a batch of garden-fresh fruits, or let your kids have a hand in choosing the ingredients; you could always sneak in a bit of mixed spinach if you like.

If your child’s been at summer camp, they’ll no doubt want to continue the fine tradition of s’mores in your home. Who can withstand the gooey combination of chocolate, marshmallow and sweet graham crackers?


Like a sweet, icy dream on a sweltering day, popsicles have been quenching and refreshing generations of kids – and adults – for decades. Buy them in the store or create your own with a tasty and healthy combo of everything from fresh juices to crushed berries and a little bit of soda.

We all Scream for…

From freshly made fruit flavors to sinfully rich chocolate, this all-time favourite sunny day treat ranks high among the list of everyone’s favorite summer food.

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